Gear Shift is a great tool to manage my Humble Bundle collection!

Some guy on the internet

Full Transmission control,
in the palm of your hand
Control all of your torrents, apply filters to the list, and observe them in detail
Configure the current Transmission session, from where your torrents will be stored when downloaded, to whether you should limit the total number of torrents that can be downloaded at once

Navigate with ease
Besides having a good phone interface, Gear Shift also makes for a pleasurable tablet experience as well
The torrent list and details can be viewed side by side, and the session configuration intelligently uses the extra available real estate

You will find the following features in the package:

  • Multiple profiles for connecting to different Transmission servers
  • A sortable, filterable, multi-selectable torrent list
    • Fuzzy, name-matching filter
    • Filtering by torrent status
  • Per-torrent details
    • General overview of a torrent
    • A configurable, multi-selectable list of files
    • Settings for various torrent limits
    • A fully modifiable list of trackers
  • Torrent operations, such as adding and removing
  • All supported server session settings
  • Current server speed and free space
  • Fully functional, without ads